In 2019, I moved back to Malaysia after 11 years of studying and working in the United Kingdom. I realised how massively things have changed during my years abroad- regional economies had undergone a huge digitalisation, spurred on by local and foreign investments in tech and other industries. Long friends of mine who traditionally held jobs outside of tech started working as software engineers and testers!


I felt that there were the potential building blocks for a new tech business. Together with Decade3 co-founder (and highly experienced software engineer) Simon Oldham, we set to pursue our goal of writing good quality software with zeal- backed by our management team in Leeds, and highly-skilled local tech talent from our operations base in Kuala Lumpur.


Decade3 are engineered for excellence. Our goal to provide cost-effective, high-quality software development as a service (SDaaS)- whether it is for new or existing projects, or even as a bespoke software solution.

We believe our experience, skill and value give us the edge in a highly competitive industry. Working with us ensures that you receive a final product or service that is of the highest quality.

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